I’m a recent biology graduate from Willamette University (go fighting Not All That Fierce Asian Raccoon Equivalents!) and a post-baccalaureate non-degree student at Portland State University. I’ve worked on several independent and collaborative research projects, including studying how Joshua trees are reacting to the changing climate and how antidepressants affect fish. I’ve also worked as a science writer and designer for the Collegian, Willamette’s weekly newspaper

Because my last two semesters were marred by massive fibromyalgia flare-ups and some of the more exotic and less fun side effects of pain killers, I’m taking a year off to work on my health, take some classes to shore up my GPA, and save some money before applying to grad school. I’m also preparing a manuscript of my thesis work on the molecular clock for submission to an academic journal and working on a few side-projects.

My personal page (with information about my research and my CV) is here. A selection of my photography work is posted at Simulacri Vitae.


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